Camp Gauto – Snowmobile Rental 2023

Group 1   Polaris Khaos 155″ Slash 

                  Polaris Switchback Assault 850

Group 2   SKS 650 146″

                  Polaris Titan S4

                  Polaris Titan Adventure 800

                  Polaris Nordic Pro S4

                  Polaris Nordic Pro 650

1 Day

2 Day

3 Day

4 Day

5 Day

6 Day

Group 1 2890 SEK 5870 SEK 7780 SEK 9780 SEK 11 780 SEK 13 780 SEK
Group 2 2590 SEK 4890 SEK 6490 SEK 7890 SEK 9190 SEK 10 590 SEK

In the rental price 50 km are included each day, further will be charged with 5 SEK per kilometer. Fuel and oil are added to the price.

Cloths incl. helmet 300 SEK / day
Passenger trailer 600 SEK / day or 3000 week
Storage trailer 300 SEK / day or 1800 week
Passenger seat 150 SEK / day
Cargo Box 150 SEK / day

We reserve us for changes in  sled models and prices due to circumstances beyond our control.

General terms & rental conditions

  • The renter has to follow all regulations for driving a sled and pay attention to nature, outdoorlife and reindeer husbandry regulations. License for driving is compulsory.
  • Insurance is included in the price, damage cost will be added if the sled is damaged at return. Max 25 000 SEK per injury occasion.
  • The rent include 50 kilometers a day, further will be charged with 5 SEK per kilometer at the return of the sled.
  • Free cancellation no later than 24 hours before the start of the rental period, otherwise a cancellation fee will be charged with 50% of the amount.
  • The rental sled is delivered with full tank of gasoline/oil and should be returned with full. Fee for used oil will be added. Only approved oil can be used.
  • The sled is inspected by both parts at depart and return. Damage to the sled will be charged according to price list.
  • The renter is responsible to handle the sled well and keep it in good working order at all times and according to law.
  • The owner has the right to check the sled during the rental period, if we see reasonable case to suspect that ownership is in danger or that there is a risk for depreciation, beyond what is based on a normal usage of a sled.
  • The owner reserves the right to cancel the agreement immediately due to unnormal usage of the sled.
  • We reserve us the right to change model of the sled due to circumstances out of our control.
  • For more details around rental conditions, please contact us.