Camp Gauto – Restaurant Gautobaren

In our season-open restaurant, we serve a menu with a touch of local specialties that varies by season.  The restaurant is fully licensed. You can also book the restaurant for special occasions such as events, conferences or wedding-parties i.e. We only accept pre-booked dinner guests and we apply drop-in for other guests if possible.


We are open every day from 1 pm to 7 pm until the 21 of august

All visits require pre-booking, kitchen closes at 6.

Warm welcome to us!



Camp Gauto Sommarmeny 2022/Camp Gauto summer menu 2022

All meals demand pre-order at +46 70 69 68 192 before 6 PM the day before.

Restaurant (limited nr. of seats) & Catering


Lokalt rökta räkor, aioli & toast/Locally smoked shrimps, aioli & toast 130 kr

Dill-gravad röding på tunnbröd/Dill-cured Arctic Char on thin bread 130 kr

Huvudrätt-Main course

 Räksallad a’la Camp Gauto/Camp Gauto shrimpsalad  190 kr

Sommarens rödingpaket & pressad mandelpotatis/Wrapped Arctic Char of the summer & mashed mandelpotatoes  315 kr

Älgskavspanna m. grönsaker /Moosestew with vegetables 245 kr


Husets vaniljglass & hjortron/Vanilla ice cream & cloudberry 105 kr

Husets rabarberpaj & karamellsås /Rhubarbpie & caramelsause 105 kr

Barnmeny-Children menu (tom 11 år/up to 11 years)

Tacotallrik med olika tillbehör/Camp Gauto tacoplate 100 kr

Köttbullar med mos och lingon/Meatballs & mashed potatoes & lingonberry 100 kr

Menyn är baserad på lokala produkter från Swodok och Blyuddens Deli.

The menu is based on locally produced products from Swodok och Blyuddens Deli.

Vegetariskt alternativ finns/Vegetarian alternative is available.